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                                                       Thank you for your interest in the                                                                  2018-19 National Geographic GeoChallenge: Tackling Plastic!

Your students will be joining teams of middle school students across the country as they investigate plastic pollution in the world’s waterways and create solutions to these problems. In the process, your team(s) will practice skills such as videography, innovative design, teamwork, critical thinking and cartography. Teams that excel will be invited to present at regional and national-level competitions.

Use the links below to review the GeoChallenge competition rules and FAQs. The deadline to register for the GeoChallenge and to submit a project is January 15, 2019 at 11:59 EST.

As the GeoChallenge Coordinator, you serve as the main point of contact for your school/organization. The first step is registering yourself and your school/organization below. After you submit your registration, you will receive an email with a link to the Program Guide to get your team(s) started on the 2018-19 GeoChallenge!

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In order to support GeoChallenge teams as they work on their projects, we need to communicate with GeoChallenge Coaches as well as Coordinators. 



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